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Introducing Mercury Sports and Classic

Here at Mercury Sports and Classic, we understand that your Porsche means a lot to you, that’s why we take so much care and pride in all that we do. Whether you require a minor or major service on your car, perhaps you need engine diagnostics running, maybe it’s just standard repairs or even annual MOTS for any model of Porsche.

Save up to 40% Vs main dealer repairs

Porsche Servicing by the Experts.


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Image by Nate Johnston

Porsche 3D Wheel Alignment in Essex

Wheel alignment has a significant impact on your vehicle. Here at Mercury Sports & Classic, we understand that you want it to be completed quickly and efficiently so that you can get back on the road ...

Air Conditioning for Essex Porsches​

Most motorists won’t think about their air conditioning until the hotter summer months. If their A/C is broken or faulty, they won’t notice until a lot later in the year. This is why regular servicing ...

Braking & ABS for Porsches in Essex

Found that your Porsche Cayman is slow to stop? Hearing excessive and continuous squeaking when you stop your Porsche Boxster? It might be a sign that your car needs servicing to get back into top condition. ...


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