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Porsche Servicing by the Experts

Whatever the case we are here to help. 

We are fully trained, Porsche professionals and we offer FREE local collection and delivery of your car from either your home or place of work, in order to make life easier for you. In addition to this, after we have finished servicing your car, we’ll wash it and vacuum it inside, so it’s running perfectly and looking pristine. Not only will your car feel amazing once we’re finished, but we understand that it needs to look its best too.

Since we first opened our doors in spring 1990 it has been our aim to be a cost-effective alternative to the main dealers, yet providing a professional and friendly service along with very competitive pricing. 

You get complete peace of mind with a fully protected Guarantee, as we use OE quality parts and Mobil Oil, we offer a  guarantee for 24 months or 24,000 miles. We will not carry out any service work or any repair without your authorization.

Our Services. Fixed Price Servicing.

You’ll always know exactly how much you’re paying without having to ring up or get a quote. Just check the table on our website which matches your car and let us do the rest, you’ll never have to worry about any unprecedented fees and we won’t carry out any extra repair work if we do manage to find potential problems without your say so.

Porsche 3D Wheel Alignment in Essex

Wheel alignment has a significant impact on your vehicle. Here at Mercury Sports & Classic, we understand that you want it to be completed quickly and efficiently so that you can get back on the road again. We work hard to ensure your Porsche continues to meet car manufacturer specifications, and we can also alter angles to meet your needs for off-road driving, such as if you decide to take your Porsche Cayenne off-road.

Air Conditioning for Essex Porsches

Most motorists won’t think about their air conditioning until the hotter summer months. If their A/C is broken or faulty, they won’t notice until a lot later in the year. This is why regular servicing and maintenance is a good idea, as it can significantly increase the life of your Porsche’s air conditioning system.

Braking & ABS for Porsches in Essex

Found that your Porsche Cayman is slow to stop? Hearing excessive and continuous squeaking when you stop your Porsche Boxster? It might be a sign that your car needs servicing to get back into top condition. Braking and ABS are important systems to keep on top of. Your Porsche deserves it. We provide a range of braking and ABS services in Essex. All our parts comply with manufacturer specifications and we supply and fit to all models.

Image by Xingye Jiang
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