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Porsche 911 (964)

Porsche 911 (964) Servicing
The Porsche 964 is one of the very first generations of the 911 range, a car that comes with this much age and charisma is also likely to come with a handful of problems. Originally produced in 1989, this car is now around a very respectable 30 years old, and is becoming harder and harder to come by. Finding a reliable Porsche 964 with limited problems and a good mileage can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, so if you do manage to come by one, be sure to look after it.

The 964 gives Porsche lovers a real sense of nostalgia and excellence. If you’re looking for a car with less than 100,000 miles at this age, then you will need lots of patience and even more money, settling for a car with lots of miles is not a bad thing, as long as you know its history and can tell what condition its in. Regularly servicing a car of this calibre is detrimental to its longevity, and can do tremendous things for the lifespan of a car. A simple oil and filter change really can go a long way.

964 Carrera 2964 Carrera 4964 Turbo 3.3

6k £279.95
12K £459.95
24K £739.95
48K £819.956k £279.95
12K £459.95
24K £739.95
48K £819.956k £279.95
12K £894.95
24K £974.95

964 Turbo 3.3964 RS 

12K £499.95
24K £869.95
6k £279.95
12K £419.95
24K £684.95 

How often should I service my Porsche 964?

Considering how old and frail these beautiful cars are becoming as time marches on, only gives more reason for you to look after these models more regularly. With plenty of miles racking up and the cars becoming harder and harder to come by. Servicing these Porsches every year is advised, in order to not only keep the performance up to standard but to also help look out for any future issues before they arise.

What problems do Porsche 964’s run into?

When investing in a Porsche 964, you must understand that an older car is always more likely to run into problems, regardless of its reliability, purely because of how much it’s been driven. A well-serviced Porsche 964, can be an incredible car but there are still a few common issues to look out for. Oil Leaks are fairly common, as well as suspension bushings wearing down, but these are things that can be easily spotted if serviced often.

Is a 964 a reliable Porsche?

Despite the car’s ever-growing age, the Porsche 964 is still incredibly reliable, if the car has been cared for and serviced well, it can be one of the best Porsche 911s. This is a magnificent retro car, which brings the driver a real vintage feel with nostalgia and character. Keeping good care of this vehicle ensures that it can stay massively dependable and remain as satisfying to drive as possible.

Are Porsche 964’s Popular?

The Porsche 964 is becoming an increasingly popular car, which is evident by how much it is continuing to grow in value. If you have the right budget, this is the perfect Porsche to invest in, it comes with an obvious luxurious and nostalgic feel, and is possibly the best balanced Porsche in terms of age, price, and reliability, it will be much harder to come by a more reliable Porsche 911 than an older model.


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