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Porsche 911 (996)

Porsche 911 (996) Servicing
The Porsche 996 is the fourth generation of the 911 range, and the first to have a water-cooled engine. Because of this lots of Porsche enthusiasts  consider this car to be the ‘runt of the litter.’ And due to its unique shaped headlights, this car wasn’t valued as highly as other Porsche 911s. However, in today’s society, car lovers are finally coming to their senses about this fantastic mid-engine drive, as it begins to rise in popularity.

The 996 offers Porsche lovers an authentic and impressive driving experience for a lower price than other 911 models, but due to its ever-growing age, it is extremely important that owners look after these incredible vehicles. Production of the 996 began in 1998, and therefore many of these sports cars have a mileage reaching just short of 100,000 miles, but can live for much longer when maintained effectively. 

996 C2 C4996 Turbo996 GT2

12K £349.95
24K £519.95
48K £679.9512K £299.95
24K £689.95
48K £824.9512K £359.95
24K £734.95
48K £829.95

996 GT3996 GT3 RS 

12K £299.95
24K £514.95
48K £669.9512K £289.95
24K £524.95
48K £699.95 

How often should I service my Porsche 996?

These great sports cars run exceptionally well, especially when considering their price compared to other 911 Porsches. Therefore it is important that you take good care of your vehicle and ensure it is serviced well and regularly, in order to ensure it can stay in good condition and feel great to drive for as long as possible. Oil and filter changes should be made at least every year or every 7,500 miles. Whereas things like air filters and brake fluid should also get replaced every 2 years or so.

What problems do Porsche 996’s run into?

When investing in a Porsche 996 always check the service history and mileage. This is usually a great indicator as to how likely you are to run into any problems with the vehicle. However, if a vehicle is underused, things like rust may occur on the brake discs. The suspension on 996’s is made to be very durable, although some wear and tear are sometimes likely to occur on the front and back corners. This is why it is always a good idea to service your Porsche regularly and ensure all are kept in good condition.

Is a 996 a reliable Porsche?

Despite popular misconception, the Porsche 996 is very practical, reliable, and affordable when compared to some of its predecessors. The 996 was the first 911 to be water-cooled, meaning that there are significantly fewer engine emissions, and it even featured a new suspension design, which helped to fix a common over-steering and handling problem, which is found in some of the other models before it.

Are Porsche 996’s Popular?

Upon release the Porsche 996 was frowned upon by lovers of the 911 range, this is due to it being the first water-cooled engine, and the notorious “fried egg” headlights. However, as with many older Porsches and 911’s this car is finally on the rise, and getting the credit it deserves. It’s a great car to drive, just like all Porsches and it is much cheaper when compared to some of the other 911’s.

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