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Porsche 911 (997)

Porsche 911 (997) Servicing
The Porsche 997 is a slightly newer model of 911, with production taking place between 2004 and 2008. The release of this car saw the headlights change back to the beloved round shape, and also included a water-cooled engine in order to release fewer emissions, and perform better all around. The average 997 should have a lower mileage compared to other 911 models, which means that looking after it now can help to reduce the risk of any problems occurring in the future. Regularly servicing your 997 is key to maintaining its value and ensures that the car runs as safely, and as smoothly as possible.

Taking good care of your 997 while it is still relatively young ensures that the car can last for as long as possible and run amazingly for a very long time. Spotting problems early means that they can be dealt with before anything dangerous or expensive happens, and keeping the car serviced and in good health can even stop some issues from occurring at all.

997 Carrera 2S997 Carrera 4S997 Turbo Gen 1

20K £299.95
40K £424.95
60K £749.9520K £299.95
40K £424.95
60K £749.9520K £314.95
40K £724.95
60K £539.95

997 Turbo Gen 2997 GT3997 GT3 RS

20K £299.95
40K £769.95
60K £624.9512K £324.95
24K £689.9512K £324.95
24K £699.95


How often should my Porsche 997 be serviced?

With the Porsche 997 being relatively young in terms of 911s, it is even more important to keep the vehicle well serviced to ensure that any future problems are limited by keeping the car well checked and in good condition. It is recommended that the 997 has an oil and filter change every 2 years or 20,000 miles. Spark plugs should be replaced at least every 6 years or 60,000 miles, whereas the coolant doesn’t need to be changed at all.

What are common Porsche 997 issues?

The most common 997 issues consist of problems such as, brake discs corroding and suspension control arm bushes wearing, But one of the worst issues your Porsche could potentially face is bore-scoring, although it only affects a small number of 997’s it could still cost thousands to repair, as long as you get your car serviced regularly, these issues can be spotted before any harm is done or even prevented entirely. 

Is the 997 a reliable car?

The 997 is one of the best Porsches in the 911 range if you’re looking for a more affordable, long-term investment. The car is yet to age and drives beautifully, as well as having 4 seats and a good enough sized front trunk. The car is incredibly comfortable and handles amazingly on small, twisty roads, and when serviced well and looked after, these cars can run into the distant future.

Is the Porsche 997 a good investment?

The Porsche 997 is a fantastic car, and an all-around amazing investment, it is more affordable when compared to other 911s, and is still reasonably young which means that you’re less likely to run into any issues as long as you service the car well and regularly. When looked after, these cars can go for hundreds of thousands of miles and still handle fantastically.

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