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Porsche Boxster

Boxster Servicing in Essex

Boxsters are a popular model of Porsches, and you’ll want to keep it in top condition. This means regular servicing. It can be easy with a busy schedule to neglect your car, but this can lead to problems further down the line. Your mid-engine two-seater roadster deserves the best, so if you think it is due for a service or you feel that something isn’t quite right, we can help you. We offer you high-quality services for Boxsters in Essex at a fair price.

Keeping your Boxster on the road

Whether you bought your Porsche new or went for a used Porsche, many consider the Boxster a good investment. It is a stylish and fun car with great potential. The engines have a strong average lifespan when they are cared for, so if you take the time to look after your vehicle, you’ll find that you can stay on the roads for longer.

Here at Mercury Sports and Classic, we are Porsche Boxster specialists based in Essex. Our experience means that we can work with different models, including:

 Boxster 986

 Boxster 987

 Boxster 987 G1

 Boxster 781

So whether your Boxster needs a major service or you just want to schedule in a minor service to keep on top of things, we’re here to help. Get in touch now to book your slot.

Boxster 986 Boxster 987 G1

12K £259.95
24K £534.95
48K £649.9520K £299.95
40K £349.95
60K £649.95


Boxster 981 Boxster 781 

20K £299.95
40K £374.95
60K £579.9520K £274.95
40K £424.95 

How often does my Porsche Boxster need servicing?

Regularly inspecting your car is important, as you’ll be able to notice issues that need addressing sooner. However, Boxster specialists recommend booking your car in for a minor service every 10,000 miles (or every year), and a major service at 40,000 miles (or four years). Other works such as engine oil and filter changes should be completed every 10,000 miles to keep your car in top condition.

What are common Boxster problems to watch out for?

Boxster owners report some of the common problems with their vehicles, including engine knocking noises, black exhaust tailpipes, and oil consumption. Regular servicing can help ensure that these issues are dealt with before they lead to a big problem, such as engine failure, and keep your car on the road and running smoothly.

Are Boxsters reliable?

Poor maintenance and care mean that Porsches, and Boxsters in particular, have a bad reputation. However, with the right attention and regular maintenance, you’ll find that Boxsters are reliable. They are well-balanced cars with engines that last a long time, especially when they are taken care of.

What can a pre-purchase inspection tell me about my Boxster?

Used Boxsters are an extremely good investment, but that doesn’t mean all used cars out there are good. Some of them may have hidden issues that an inspection can fix. Pre-purchase inspections are perfect for finding out what problems your new car may have and whether it is worth it. It can help you find a bargain you must buy or it could show you a potential engine time bomb. Booking a pre-purchase inspection will help to settle a lot of your concerns.


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