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Porsche Cayman

The Porsche Cayman is recognised as a top luxury sports car with the complete package. Not only do you get a stylish car, you also have a powerful engine, responsive handling, and a contemporary interior. Like all cars, it needs regular maintenance and servicing, which is where we come in. As Essex Porsche specialists, we understand what the Cayman needs and how to keep it in top condition. With upfront pricing for Cayman services, you’ve found mechanics you can trust.

Porsche Cayman servicing available now

For many looking to buy a Porsche, the Cayman is one of the best options. This mid-engine two-seater car is excellent to drive, with top performance to get you from A to B. To keep it on the road and running as expected, you should be booking it in for regular servicing. A specialist will be able to spot any potential problems with your car before they become big issues, helping to save you money in the long run.

At Mercury Sports and Classic, we pride ourselves on being the leading Porsche specialists in Essex. Our many years of experience make us the best choice for your Cayman, and we can work on the following models:

 Cayman 987 G1

 Cayman 987 G2

 Cayman 981If your Cayman needs regular servicing, or if you have spotted a major fault that needs repairing, we are available now. Book your Cayman service or contact us for more information.

Cayman 987 G1Cayman 987 G2Cayman 981

20K £279.95
40K £349.95
60K £649.9520K £299.95
40K £349.95
60K £579.9520K £299.95
40K £374.95
60K £579.95

Is the Porsche Cayman a good car?

The Cayman is considered by many to be an excellent Porsche. The precise handling, sleek appearance, and powerful engine make it a good choice for both experienced Porsche enthusiasts and new Porsche owners.

When does my Cayman need servicing?

Porsche specialists recommend booking your Cayman a service every 5,000 miles, or at least once a year. If you find that you are using your car more, an earlier service won’t cause any harm. Regular servicing is vital to the health of your Porsche, so making sure you book your car in will help to save you a lot of money and fix potential problems early on.

What are the common Cayman problems?

There are some common problems Cayman owners have found, including oil leaks as a result of the rear main seal failing. Another common design weakness is the ISM bearing, which can lead to major engine failure. Replacing your IMS bearing can be done as part of clutch replacements, helping you save money.

Can I drive my Cayman every day?

When you look after your Porsche Cayman, it is both comfortable and practical enough to be driven every day. They are reliable cars, especially with regular maintenance to resolve any potential issues, and will inject a bit of fun into your everyday commute.


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