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Porsche Panamera

Essex Porsche Panamera Services
Panameras are renowned for their powerful engines, chic body, and sharp interiors. These luxury front-engined vehicles are popular amongst Porsche enthusiasts and car lovers alike. Whether you buy new or used, they are a solid investment, especially when you have regular maintenance and servicing on the vehicle. At Mercury Sports and Classic, we know that you want to keep your Panamera going strong, and our trained specialists can help with services available to book in Essex.

What to expect from the Panamera

The Panamera is an excellent Porsche to buy, thanks to its strong and reliable engine and sleek appearance. You can get both rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel drive, depending on the model you invest in, and it’s recognised for last a long time with the right maintenance and repair schedule.

Our Porsche specialists in Essex have extensive experience working with a range of Panameras, and here at Mercury Sports and Classic we can work on:

 Panamera Diesel

 Panamera S

 Panamera 4S

 Panamera GTS

 Panamera Turbo

 Panamera HybridWhether you need to book in regular servicing or you simply want a pre-purchase inspection before you commit to your used Panamera in Essex, we can help. Our prices are clear so you know exactly what to expect when you arrive. Contact us today.

Panamera DieselPanamera SPanamera 4S

20K £319.95
40K £414.95
60K £664.9520K £299.95
40K £514.95
60K £459.9520K £299.95
40K £514.95
60K £459.95

Panamera GTSPanamera TurboPanamera Hybrid

20K £299.95
60K £849.9520K £299.95
40K £594.9520K £299.95

When should I service my Panamera?

Minor servicing on the Panamera should be completed at least every year in order to identify and repair small faults. Major servicing can be completed every 40,000 miles. This will allow your trusted mechanic to conduct an in-depth check on your Panamera and keep it running smoothly.

Is the Panamera a reliable Porsche?

Porsche has used advanced safety technology in the Panamera, making it a reliable car to invest in, especially with the right maintenance. Without, you may find that your car becomes quickly unreliable. The average repair costs for the vehicle are low, making it a great investment for new Porsche owners.

How long should I expect my Panamera to last?

The engine in the Panamera is a strong one, with many reporting their vehicle lasting on average 200,000 miles. If you take care of your car, you will find that it can last longer, as you will be able to identify potential problems and resolve them before they become major issues.

What problems do Panameras have?

There are some problems that you should be aware of before you buy your Panamera. Some owners have reported coolant leaks, which can be resolved during regularly scheduled maintenance. Others have found that the airbag light will flash or randomly turn on and off. This can be caused by a faulty connection to the airbag control module.


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